One Off Shredding Service

Does not matter how little or how much

Guarantees compliance with GDPR legislation laws.

Certification of destruction

Competitive prices


On – site confidential document storage

Releases office space

Complying with GDPR Legislation Law

Secure confidential storage

Competitive prices


Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding

Secure, locked dustbins or consoles bins

Regular collections

Certificate of destruction

Competitive prices

Removals and Storage

Small, local domestic moves

Larger commercial moves

Office relocations

Covering UK and Europe

Secure Shredding are fully committed to recycling our shredded waste. We firmly believe that the impact on recycling rather than landfill will have a significant effect on our environment.

01165 029 367 - 01604 349 846

Unit 73a, The Whittle Estate, Cambridge Road, Whetstone, LE8 6LH